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To be a good, responsible, and safe motorcycle rider, you need to wear the appropriate safety equipment. If you're unsure of what that is, however, this post will give you a better idea about it.

Protective Gear to Wear While on a Motorcycle

When you think about what you need to ride your motorcycle smoothly, you probably consider its fluids (fuel, synthetic oil, coolant, etc.) and its components. But what about the safety gear you should be wearing to protect yourself if there's an accident? To guide you in this department, the following post will share what safety equipment you should have to be a safe motorcycle rider.

The Helmet

While your whole body is completely exposed and can get injured in an accident, it's probably most important that you protect your head, since injuries to this area can be fatal or extremely damaging. In most cases, you'll find that you're legally obligated to wear an approved helmet each time you hop on your motorcycle. Helmets are often padded on the inside to absorb some of the shocks that occur during impacts. They also have a harder shell that allows the energy to spread away from the head. Contrary to what some people may think, however, using a helmet while driving your motorcycle doesn't interfere with your vision, your hearing, or your mobility.

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The Gloves

While they're a protective item that many riders overlook, having thick gloves on is also very important. Not only will they keep your hands safe against the elements around you as you ride (for instance, rain, twigs, or other), but if you're ever in a crash, they can ensure your hands won't suffer as much from it. People tend to put their hands out when they're falling, which can be problematic if you're hitting hard ground after you've been speeding. A pair of leather gloves with reinforced palms can prevent severe damage to your hands.

The Eyewear

As with the gloves mentioned above, this is a protective item that many motorcycle owners skip when they're riding. However, vision is incredibly important when you're cruising, since you must be completely aware of your surroundings, the situation, and the people/objects nearby. Goggles or protective eyewear can keep pesky road bugs, dust, rain, harsh sun rays or other elements from entering your eyes, compromising your vision, and endangering your safety. Still, it may be that they're redundant if your head gear is a full-face helmet, since it includes face/eye protection.

The Appropriate Clothing

As previously stated in this post, you are at the complete mercy of the conditions and circumstances around you when you're on your motorcycle. This means that if you fall, it's probable that you'll scratch your body, bruise up, and even break some of your bones. To minimize these negative consequences in an accident, you need to wear appropriate clothing when riding. This means that you should wear long pants and tops to keep your limbs protected. It's even suggested that you invest in a high-quality leather motorcycle jacket, which can work both as a fashion statement and protective clothing.

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The Boots

Believe it or not, what you wear on your feet can also have an impact on how safe you are while riding your motorcycle and on your chances of remaining unharmed in an accident. This is because heels, flip flops, or other similar footwear can make riding your motorcycle more dangerous. That's why it's highly recommended that you opt for a good pair of boots to keep your feet and ankles as safe as possible if you're in an accident. These boots are supposed to be strong but flexible, and with stiff soles in order for them to reduce harm to your lower extremities.

The Miscellaneous Items

Finally, we have the miscellaneous protective items; ones that are not as necessary as the others mentioned in this post, but that can make a big difference in how you ride. For example, some motorcycle riders like wearing ear plugs when cruising down the road, as the noise from riding can get unbearable at times and may even damage their hearing. The type of protective gear you wear will also depend on the season: some riders don balaclavas during winter to keep the cold air from wreaking havoc on their face and health.

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