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This post by D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington focuses on the purpose of the car's battery. It's essential to check on it regularly to make sure it provides the required amount of energy to work accordingly. 

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With the coming days of summer, your car demands a little switch in its maintenance to withstand high temperatures. Follow the advice by D&M Marketing, LLC in TARGET to protect your vehicle during summer.

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The emotions and challenges of getting behind the wheel for the first time can be overwhelming. This post by D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington centers around the fundamentals of driving that all beginners should know.

Before You Go on the Road, Consider This

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There are several elements to consider when performing vehicle maintenance, and this post by D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington will specify important information about your car's oil. Keep reading!

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Sometimes it's hard to interpret the signs of possible car damage. Thus this post by D&M Marketing, LCC in Covington, delves into the specific traits to spot difficulties in the brake system. Keep reading to learn more!

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This post by D&M Marketing, LCC in Covington, focuses on the crucial points to look for when buying a classic vehicle. Read on and take notes since these tips will come in handy if you want to buy your first vintage car.

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Cold and adverse weather conditions are no excuse to stop riding a motorcycle. Keep reading these suggestions by D&M Marketing, LCC in Covington, and ride your bike even when the thermometer drops.

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D&M Marketing, LCC, has come up with a new set of suggestions to keep your vehicle protected from the hazards that arise with the colder weather. Read on to get your car through the winter with this info! 

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One of the most common dilemmas when doing an oil change in a car is whether you choose one that is mineral-based or a synthetic lubricant. In this quick guide by D&M Marketing is focused on the pros of synthetic oil.

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Are you having trouble closing the sale of your car? If nobody buys your vehicle, D&M Marketing, LCC has listed a couple of tips to help you with the roadblocks keeping you from closing the deal and make this process faster.

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