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Preventive maintenance avoids numerous problems, but it's not enough just to monitor the tires or the oil level. Scroll through this post by D&M Marketing, LCC, and learn how to keep your car in shape.

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It's not easy to fix a problem that is yet to exist and car maintenance is even more scarce if it requires spending a lot of money, that's why thousands of drivers forget about the preventive maintenance of their vehicles. However, keeping regular upkeep for your car will avoid an appointment, surely much more expensive, to fix possible breakdowns on your next visit to the mechanic.

How often should it be done?

The first checkup should be done at 3,106.8 miles, the second after 6,213.712 and from there, more or less, repeat them every 9,320.56 or 12,427.42 miles. However, in some modern vehicles, there's now an indicator pointing out to the driver the recommended revision periods.

Pay attention to the following

The manufacturer's guide will also state that you must remain vigilant towards oil levels and the car's filters; such as air, anti-pollen, and fuel; shock absorbers, which guarantee a comfortable and safe ride; to the timing belt, which is expensive; to the brake pads, for obvious reasons; to tires, headlights, exhaust system, and even the wiper blades.

7 Key Points

It's hard to establish what exactly needs to be checked in the upkeep routine; mainly because every car differs from each other, but there are certain parts and elements shared between them. Here are a few elements you should always be aware of no matter what kind of car you drive:


The foundation element when it comes to maintenance will always be oil, it lubricates the motor and smoothens its friction: a well-greased block maintains and improves the verve and performance, but once the oil becomes dirty and loses its properties beyond 9,320.56 miles traveled, its performance will decrease. This is valid as a general rule, of course: there are manufacturers that recommend changes every 6,213.712 miles and some others every 18,641.13; However, everyone will agree on one thing: at the same time, the filter, which accumulates old oil and many impurities, must be replaced timely.

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There's more to filters than the one focused on oil. The air filter makes sure that this element reaches the engine without any impurities so that the combustion process is carried out under optimal conditions. Its useful life varies, but it should be changed every 9320.56 miles, approximately. In vehicles powered by gasoline, the fuel filter prevents fuel impurities from reaching the engine and must be replaced between 24,854.84 and 49,709.69 miles traveled. For diesel vehicles, it serves to remove moisture and prevent corrosion but should be changed every 18,641.136 or 37282.272 miles. As for the pollen filter, which ensures clean air for the passenger compartment, it should be replaced every year or every 9,320.56 miles.


The connection between the car and the road relies on the good condition and upkeep of the tires. Pressure and wear must be monitored, as well as the age of the tires.

Shock Absorbers

Along with tires and brakes, shock absorbers form a fundamental set for safety. They facilitate the car's stability, absorb the irregularities of the terrain and brake effectively. However, their wear is not visible to the untrained eye, so it should be checked every 12,427.42 miles.


Aside from the need to monitor the brake fluid, the front pads have greater wear than the rear ones, since most of the models in circulation are front-wheel drive. It is very important that at least once a year, you get this system a revision by a specialist.

Timing Belt

Keep in mind that a breakdown in the timing belt can take a significant toll on your wallet. For this reason, its maintenance is essential, and a revision between 49,709.69 and 160,934.4 miles traveled is a must-do.

Exhaust Systems and Catalysts

Exhaust systems have a double duty in caring for the environment: reducing pollutant emissions and gases leaving the engine. Although it depends on many factors and therefore it is not possible to speak of a fixed figure, the catalysts cease to cover their protective function of the environment at approximately 49,709.69 miles.

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