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How to Maintain a Muscle Car in Top Shape

So after waiting and searching, the time has finally come and you are looking at your very own muscle car. Now what? In addition to taking it out and letting other people appreciate it as much as you do, D&M Marketing, LLC in Conyers, GA has a few easy to follow tips on taking care of your investment.

Replace the Fuel

This one depends on how often you drive your muscle car. If it’s your primary car, then business-as-usual. If your muscle car is more of an antique or precious vehicle that you only take out on special occasions, then consider replacing the fuel before you take it out. Fuel becomes stale after one month and will begin to lose its power. In addition, old gas has the potential to damage your fuel lines and injectors.

Ideal Storage for Your Investment

If you’re looking to maintain a custom, or even original paint job, then storage is important. Preferably, your muscle car would be stored in an elevated and dry indoor environment. Not only does direct sunlight take its toll on your paint, but also your upholstery. If you aren’t able to store your car indoors, invest in a high quality breathable car cover. Find a car cover that provider full coverage of your car and allows sufficient air flow to prevent moisture build up.

Provide a Regular Synthetic Oil Change in Conyers, GA for Your Engine

As temperatures both rise and fall, the conditions that your muscle car operates in differ greatly from those they were designed to. To ensure your engine is comprehensively protected, use only high quality synthetic oils and lubricants that are designed to withstand and operate efficiently during extreme temperatures. Likewise, remember to provide your engine with a regular synthetic oil change in Conyers, GA to ensure that it'll continue to be well-lubricated.

Trust in D&M Marketing, LLC to Provide the Best Synthetic Oil in Conyers, GA

If you're looking to take the best care possible of your muscle car, don't forget to feed it with the best synthetic oil in the market: AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Oil. It can provide your muscle car, or whatever other vehicle you may have (from a small engine to a truck), with superior lubrication, which will help maintain it in top shape, and running as smooth and powerful as ever. If you'd like to speak with an expert here at D&M Marketing, LLC about the best synthetic oil in Conyers, GA, or if you'd like a bit of guidance on the benefits that the continued use of AMSOIL products can bring before placing an order, please call (770) 312-7542.

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