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As the fall season approaches, you need to change how you ride and maintain your motorcycle if you want to be safe. Read this post by D&M Marketing, LLC in Newton County to learn a few tips on the matter. 

How to Maintain and Ride Your Motorcycle During the Fall Season

If you want to be a safe motorcycle rider, you need to learn to adapt to the conditions around you. That's why, now that the fall season is upon us, you should start considering what you can do to maintain your motorcycle effectively and ride it safely. For a few tips on the matter, continue reading the post below.

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Watch Out for the Tires

During the warmer months, your motorcycle's tires come into contact with the scorching hot surface, causing them to expand. However, as the weather starts cooling off, so will the conditions that your tires have to endure. To ensure they won't get damaged or deflated thanks to this switch, you need to inspect them. When you do, try to verify if they're in good enough shape to continue rolling safely during the fall season.

Check the Battery

Summer is the perfect season to ride your motorcycle because the sun is shining and the weather is nice. Once fall hits, however, you'll notice you'll start using your motorcycle less and less because of the colder temperatures. The thing is that your battery may get discharged during those idle periods. For that reason, if you want to keep riding safely during the fall season, you need to check your battery before leaving.

Mind the Chain

Speaking of motorcycle components that are crucial to its proper functioning, the chain. If you've been riding for awhile, you know that you should provide maintenance to your chain around twice a month. However, as the fall season starts coming in and the temperatures lower, it becomes even more important that you lubricate the chain properly. The chain is the one responsible for transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel, so ensure the cold temperatures won't interfere with that process.

Take It to a Mechanic

Once again, the difference in the weather will create different conditions, which is why it is strongly suggested that you take your motorcycle to a professional mechanic right as the season changes. They will be able to expertly assess your motorcycle's condition and provide any maintenance it may require. For example, they can replace the motorcycle's synthetic oil to guarantee that the engine will be strong enough to get you through the upcoming months and those different conditions.

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Opt for Thicker Riding Gear

To get ready for riding in autumn, you not only have to take care of your motorcycle, you also need to take care of yourself. This means that your riding gear may also need to change a bit as it gets cooler outside. As you know, you should always wear a helmet, long pants, and appropriate footwear. However, now it's time to change the light, summery fabrics, for thicker ones that are impact-resistant and can cover you in the cold.

Pay Attention to the Conditions Around You

As stated above, the conditions around you will change as the fall season comes in. For starters, the weather will get colder, and the chance of getting caught in precipitation will increase. Likewise, dead leaves will fall on the ground, which can make riding more dangerous. Lastly, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other fall holidays will likely result in an increase in traffic near some dates. All in all, just be sure to consider and adapt to the new conditions around you.

Prepare to Winterize It

Last but not least, you should use the fall season as a time to prepare to store your motorcycle for winter (if you decide to put it away). Starting the process now gives you enough time to get everything ready. For example, Bike Bandit suggests investing in a proper motorcycle cover to ensure your motorcycle will remain in top shape while it waits for the temperatures to rise again.

Prepare your motorcycle for the fall weather by browsing AMSOIL's online shop or calling D&M Marketing, LLC at (770) 312-7542 to place an order for the best motorcycle oil in Newton County.


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