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Intensely sunny days come with certain challenges for drivers. To make sure you can navigate these challenges effectively and safely, read this post by D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington.

One may think that driving when it's sunny out doesn't have any added dangers. However, just like driving at night, when it's raining, or when it's snowing, driving when the sun is getting too intense, can change the conditions on the road. To make sure you can adapt to these harsh conditions effectively and stay safe while you're sunny day driving, you need to read this post that D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington has prepared for you.

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How to Drive Safely on a Sunny Day

Protect Yourself From the Harmful Rays

Probably the most dangerous aspect about being outside when it's extremely sunny is that it's extremely sunny. As you may be aware, prolonged exposure to the harsh sun can lead to a slew of problems, from insolation, skin burns, and more importantly, skin cancer. That's why, when you're driving during hot days, cover yourself up with sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves, hats, and long sleeves, to remain safe.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can be another side-effect to driving in the extremely hot weather. Sweating makes your body lose the vital liquids it needs to function correctly. This can lead to dizziness, nausea, headaches, and more. For that reason, it is a good idea to have a bottle of water with you, and to drink out of it as you drive to stay hydrated and avoid the dangers of being dehydrated.

Keep the Vehicle Squeaky Clean

When you drive on a dirty vehicle, you're risking damaging the components, since they have a harder time performing as expected. You're also risking damaging in your health. What's more, when you drive on a dirty vehicle during a sunny day, you're also risk seriously limiting your ability to see. The sun rays hit your windshield, and if it's full of dust, it will produce a glare that will blind you, so clean it up.

Provide the Necessary Maintenance for the Vehicle

Just as you have to protect yourself when the weather is too hot, so does your vehicle need a little bit of help to get through it. For one, the extreme heat can cause the engine to malfunction. Then, you have the tires to think about, since they are in contact with the scorching road. Taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic will ensure that it has the right condition to cruise through these sunny days without as much trouble.

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Steer Away From Road Rage

When the weather is too hot, the instances of road rage increase, because the heat gets people annoyed. That's why it's necessary that you try your best to stay away from it since, as you know, road rage can lead to mistakes and accidents. To steer away from road rage, you can try creating a zen place inside of your vehicle: turn the AC on, play tunes you love, and practice relaxation techniques. Also, try to let the little things go.

Choose When You Drive Wisely

Something that can help you avoid the dangers of sunny day driving is to simply not do it. Of course, this won't always be the solution, since you can't always choose when you run your errands. However, whenever possible, try not to drive around when the sun is as its most intense (typically, from 11 am to 6 pm). Any time before or after that could work well.

Don't Get Blinded

Yet another way in which sunny day driving can be dangerous is because the rays or the glare can blind you. If you're blinded, even for a second, you can miss some of the changing conditions on the road, which can result in a disastrous situation. To avoid being blinded, clean your windshield, wear your sunglasses, and use the visor in the vehicle. Also, try not to look directly at the light source. If needed be guided by the lines that delineate the road.

Allow More Distance

Lastly, since there is the risk that you could get blinded by the sun rays or the glare, you should practice a defensive driving technique: allow more space between you and the objects and people around. This way, if something arises suddenly, you'll have more time to react appropriately.

Call D&M Marketing, LLC at (770) 312-7542, or visit AMSOIL's online shop to give your engine the best synthetic change oil in Covington.


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