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It's imperative that you perform a quick inspection on your motorcycle before each ride to ensure it will function perfectly. To learn what to inspect, read this post by D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington.

What to Check on Your Motorcycle Before Each Ride

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The Fuel

Where are you planning to go without any fuel in your motorcycle? Probably, not very far. That's why, one of the first things you should do upon hopping on it, is verify that the fuel gauge is where you want it to be. If you don't, not only can you be left stranded in the middle of the road, but you may be damaging your motorcycle's engine. This is because, when you ride with an empty tank, the system starts picking up all of the sludge at the bottom of it, which can wreak havoc on its components.

The Tires

Friction, sand, glass, weight, heat, and water, are just some of the harsh conditions your motorcycle's tires have to go through each time you ride on it. It's no wonder that they deflate or present signs of wear after some time and use. That's why, it's crucial that you check your tires before each time you ride. Through a quick inspection, you can guarantee that they're in good enough condition to let you have smooth, enjoyable, and safe rides through the town.

The Lights

Having faulty lights in your motorcycle can be troubling. This is because, to ride safely, you need to see and be seen. Your headlights, brake lights, blinkers, and more, are necessary when you're out and about. So much so, that you shouldn't go without them. To ensure they won't fail on you when you need them the most, try them before you leave on your rides. If you notice one flickering, change it promptly so your vision and visibility aren't compromised on the dark road.

The Chain

Another one of your motorcycle's components you should be inspecting on a regular basis is the chain. In case you didn't know, the chain is what provides the rear wheel the power to spin and move you around. However, for it to perform as it's expected, it needs to be in good condition, properly tightened, lubed up, and clean. If your chain is missing one of these characteristics, get the issue fixed so you can use your motorcycle without much hassle.

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Its Drivability

If you truly want to make sure that your motorcycle is functional, then you should take it for a ride in a safe environment. During that quick spin, you should pay attention to your motorcycle's drivability. For example, notice if the brakes are responding as they should, if the engine is working perfectly, if you're able to steer the motorcycle as needed, and more. Taking any issues into account, and fixing them before you step into a highway, will allow you to keep on having thrilling rides for a long time.

Your Gear

Safety should be a priority in your life, but especially if you're a motorcycle rider. For that reason, you shouldn't hop onto your motorcycle without the proper protective gear. More so than that, you should check it thoroughly before you go off on your rides. Your helmet, your gloves, your riding jacket, and other similar items, should be in great condition. After all, they're the ones who will protect you in case of an eventuality, so ensure they'll be able to do so properly.

Any Issues

Finally, you need to actively look for issues that could prevent you from having enjoyable rides (lest, you want a bigger problem present itself when you're already in the middle of the road). For example, you need to examine under the motorcycle to notice if any of its fluids are leaking. Whatever irregularity you find during your pre-riding inspection, be sure to fix it promptly before you ride again. Visiting a professional mechanic will help you keep your vehicle ready to ride.

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