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If you are planning a motorcycle group ride, ensure your safety and the safety of your fellow riders by following these tips that D&M Marketing, LCC, has for you.

Motorcycle group rides can be one of the most fun and exciting experiences! You get to be free and ride along with your friends and fellow riders as well as explore new routes. Besides thinking about all the fun you can have, you should also pay attention to safety, as group rides have their level of risk. In this article by D&M Marketing, LCC, you will learn about aspects you should pay attention to ensure you and your fellow riders have a successful group ride.

Designate a Leader

The leader is usually the one who rides in front. They should be an experienced rider and have a good understanding of group riding procedures. They should also be aware of the limitations and skill levels of every member in the group to help them to be able to make the best decision for the group while riding. The leader sets the pace for the whole group and makes any decision necessary to ensure the safety of the group.

Plan According to Skill Levels

There are a lot of beautiful and amazing routes out there, but when planning a group ride, you should consider aspects like sharp curves and turns as well as the level of difficulty of the route. It is very probable that every rider of your group will have different levels of skill and experience, so make sure to choose a route that everybody can enjoy and where the entire group can feel safe and confident.

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Communicate With the Group

Schedule group meetings to talk about all the details regarding the group ride. Make a document you can share with every member of the group to ensure everybody has easy access to the information and is on the same page. Share details like directions for the route, maps, planned gas stops, and schedules. The group meetings are also a great space for resolving any doubts or worries that may arise along the planning process.

Determine Rest Stops

Plan the resting points beforehand. Resting every hour or so will allow your riders to drink and get some snacks, stretch, and use the bathroom. Knowing the resting points will enable the group to be prepared and know when they will be able to stop and take care of anything that might arise. It is also the best opportunity to gather and talk to make sure everybody is doing okay and is in excellent condition to keep going.

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Give Advice to New Riders

For new riders, group rides can be a big challenge. Ensure your new riders feel comfortable and confident by giving them advice and answering all the questions they might have. Remember to be patient. With your guidance, your new riders will get the assurance they need to enjoy their new adventure!

Pay Attention to Your Following Distance

Keeping the right amount of following distance is essential in general but especially in group rides. You don’t want to let to much distance so a vehicle can enter, but you also don’t want to be to close to your fellow rider. Keeping enough following will allow you to have enough time to react to any sudden obstacle. The recommended following distance is two seconds away from the rider in from of you.

Have Enough Reserves

Depending on the route, the time and the distance between gas stations can vary, so make sure you make a plan to stop to account for gas. Talk to your group and ensure everybody has enough reserves along the way; this way, you can enjoy the ride and the scenery without a worry!

Ensure the Success of Your Group Ride with the Help of D&M Marketing, LCC

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