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If you'd like to save money and improve your motorcycle's fuel economy, read this post by D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington to learn tips on how you can do just that. 

How to Improve Your Motorcycle's Fuel Economy

Saving money where you can is a smart tactic that can help you have a more financially sound future. That's why, if you want to ensure your money is well spent, you should care about your motorcycle's fuel economy. To learn a few tips that can save you fuel and money, continue reading the post below on how to improve your motorcycle's usage of the fuel you buy for it.

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Utilize High-Quality Fuel and Additives

First things first: if you want your fuel to last longer, save you money, and give you a more powerful motorcycle, you should be using only high-quality fuel. This is because low-quality fuel can cause sludge and other nastiness inside your motorcycle's fuel system, which can actually interfere with its performance and may even damage its parts. Moreover, if you'll be using an additive to enhance your fuel economy, be certain that it is one that will deliver results. AMSOIL's Motorcycle Octane Boost is designed to aid your vehicle and ensure it stays powerful and efficient.

Keep It in Top Shape

There are a myriad different reasons why you should keep your motorcycle in the best shape possible (e.g. it keeps you safe and it makes financial sense). However, an important one has to do with its fuel economy. This is because a motorcycle with a faulty fuel system, beat up tires, or a damaged braking system, won't drive as smoothly, which means the engine will have to waste even more fuel to get you where you want to go. To keep your motorcycle in shape, take it in for regular inspections with a professional mechanic. Make sure they check and repair every component in it to guarantee your motorcycle will ride smoothly.

Mind the Engine

As mentioned above, an overworked engine is one that wastes more fuel. For that reason, to have a fuel efficient motorcycle, you need to take proper care of the engine. This includes keeping it clean and changing its oil whenever it needs it. The oil, as you may know, is in charge of coating, protecting, and lubricating the engine's moving components. This not only helps reduce the friction in it, control the engine's temperature, and prevent damage, but it also helps smooth out its processes. This, as you can imagine, can have a positive impact in the motorcycle's fuel economy.

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Stay Light

It's been stated before: forcing your engine to work extra hard is much more wasteful. For that reason, you should keep your rides as light as you can, since a heavier motorcycle will need more fuel to move. To do that, you can follow these tips:
  • avoid carrying items you don't need (for example, too many motorcycle accessories)
  • minimize wind resistance whenever possible (use aerodynamic gear and try not to ride against the wind)
Following these will help your engine have an easier time driving you around, which will ensure it uses the fuel in a more successful manner.

Ride Gently

Riding your motorcycle like a madman is dangerous, as well as incredibly wasteful. This is because, when you speed, when you take sharp turns, and when you're stopping and going constantly, you're stressing the engine out. To save your fuel and money, become a more gentler motorcycle rider. This will also help you stay safer when you ride, and will keep your motorcycle in top shape for longer.

Plan Your Routes

Last but not least, if you don't want to throw your fuel away, don't ride around aimlessly on your motorcycle! Know where you'll be going, plan the best routes to get there (if possible, opt for straight roads), and try to be more aware of how you use your motorcycle. This will not only save you fuel and money, but it will also help reduce your contribution to air pollution.

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