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D&M Marketing, LCC, has come up with a new set of suggestions to keep your vehicle protected from the hazards that arise with the colder weather. Read on to get your car through the winter with this info! 

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Winter Is An Unpredictable Season

The arrival of winter brings rain, hailstorms, snow, and other atmospheric phenomena that make drivers change different aspects of their routine. At the same time, they'll become more self-conscious when it comes to safety and protection. However, most drivers are not aware that low temperatures also affect their vehicles and maintenance. Consequently, most drivers don't pay the required care to overcome this time of year.

The Most Common Breakdowns Caused by the Lack of Maintenance

These breakdowns come with monetary expenses that could easily be avoided if the car's upkeep is done correctly to keep it in shape.
  • Battery failure
  • Engine problems
  • Coolant in bad condition
  • Heating malfunction
  • Broken windshield wiper blades
  • Loss of other fluids such as oil, brake fluid, or steering fluid.

The Battery Is the Key to Keeping Everything Else under Control During This Season

It should be said that the colder the weather, the more difficult it is to start the car. Thus, it's crucial to check the battery's state in a mechanic's shop before winter arrives. If you do this revision yearly, it will help you know if the vehicle is ready to face the harsh effects of the cold months or if it needs any adjustment prior. If the battery is more than six years old, it's advisable to replace it with a newer one since the chances of producing more breakdowns will increase with low temperatures. Also, batteries tend to lose power more frequently during the winter.

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Don't Neglect the Fluids!

Checking all the vehicle's fluid systems is also highly recommended since they run the risk of freezing and slowing down the car's correct performance. The vehicle's fluid systems are coolant-antifreeze fluids, oils, windshield wipers, and brake fluid. Furthermore, it's essential to wait EVERY DAY for the engine to warm up, along with its fluids, to reach a minimum temperature and work properly.

Check the Lights, Tires, Brakes, Heating System, and Heated Rear Window

In this way, you can travel with maximum safety without being cold and with good rear visibility. Revising all these elements is very important to make all your trips more comfortable and improve the travel experience.

There Are Specific Items That You Must Carry in the Car Trunk During This Time of Year

Some of them are mandatory:
  • Reflective vest
  • Warning triangles
  • Spare light kit and a spare wheel
While these others are usually carried throughout the year in the vehicle:
  • Flashlight
  • Mobile charger for emergencies
  • First-aid kit
  • Snacks in case of a long trip

Other Objects to Keep in Mind If It's Very Cold and Snowing

Always keep a blanket, gloves, a scraper for the ice that forms on the windows, a bell shovel, starter cables, a tow sling, a scraper brush, and chains in your trunk. You never know what can happen, but it's better to keep everything in the trunk and be prepared for the unpredictable.

Lastly, There Are a Couple More Precautions You Should Keep in Mind

If you want to prevent any setbacks during the trip and be as prepared as possible in case of a nuisance, before leaving home, it's essential to check the state of the roads and existing traffic on the route you're planning to take. Good vehicle maintenance is necessary to prevent vehicle breakdowns. For this reason, it's imperative to go to the mechanic and pass all the revisions required by current regulations before a new season starts.

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