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In this post by The spark plug is an electrical component of the engine in charge of producing the spark that generates the combustion between air and fuel. If you want to know more about spark plugs, keep reading this post by D&M Marketing, LCC.

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The Importance of Spark Plugs

As simple as they may seem, spark plugs play an indispensable role in the engine. Also, they can indicate failures in other parts of your car. Keep on reading to learn when to replace them. The useful life of a spark plug is around 24,854 miles (40,000 km) and normally, a car tends to have four spark plugs. Although they can have up to eight of these pieces depending on the number of cylinders; also, they are always covered by cables that must be disconnected to remove them. So, if you want to check your car's spark plugs, always make sure the engine is cold.

Car Ignition Problems

The first sign that the spark plugs are in poor condition is a "lazy" ignition. Sometimes it's enough to clean the spark plugs. To do this, you can use a brush and degreaser but be careful after you're done and leave them back in their place. Other failures associated with a poor operation of the spark plugs are: lack of acceleration, interruptions in the ignition when driving, and high fuel consumption. However, not everything is due to the spark plugs, it can also be the alternator or the fuel pump causing trouble. Perform occasional checkups for breakdowns in the car's electrical system.

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Keep Them in Good Condition

Black and oiled spark plugs may indicate crankcase or piston problems. The following will give some guidance on their deterioration:
  • Spark plug with white ash: It may be due to an incorrect air/gasoline mixture. It's necessary to check the gasoline pump and/or the carburetor and see what's going on.
  • Fully burned spark plug: This problem is usually obviated by changing or cleaning the spark plugs. If the spark plug hasn't reached its useful life, it could be a fault in the turbocharger or the fuel injection system.
In either case, the spark plugs' operation in the engine may perform poorly and prolonged damage can affect the pistons, and other sensitive parts.

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There's No Combustion without Spark Plugs

The operation of the spark plug is essential for complete combustion to take place, thus avoiding polluting emissions into the atmosphere and saving fuel. Spark plugs serve two main purposes, igniting the mixture and dissipating heat from the combustion chamber. The spark plug is the last step in the ignition circuit and it transmits electrical energy that transforms fuel into useful or working energy. Also, it takes charge from the coil and produces a spark or arc that ignites the mixture of fuel and compressed air within each cylinder.

Temperature Ranges

Their temperature range determines the capacity of the spark plug to remove the heat generated in the combustion chamber so it can be taken to the cooling system. The temperature of the spark plug tip must be low enough to prevent the electrode's ignition and/or destruction, but high enough to burn combustion deposits and not accumulate soot on the spark plug tip. Each motor is different, therefore the temperature range varies depending on brands and models. Older car engines run on hot or low-performance spark plugs since they have cold engines and require low heat dissipation spark plugs to prevent deposits from forming on the ceramic; an insulating material. Modern engines, contrary to what is described, have hot engines that require cold plugs that dissipate the generated heat. For this reason, it's important that when changing the spark plugs in your car, you must install the spark plugs with the thermal range specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Using different spark plugs will reduce engine efficiency and the spark plug's life usage.

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