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Rainy days have come to nag drivers and remind them to keep their vehicles clean and shining. Read these suggestions by D&M Marketing, LCC in Covington to learn how to do this by hand whenever you need to.

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Always Wash Your Car in the Shade

Never wash it under the rays of the sun. Why? Because excessive heat quickly dries the products, preventing their correct action and also, because the high temperature also alters the properties, both of the paint and crystals, and the products. Throwing cold water to a windshield that has been in the sun for a long time could even crash it, or a sudden change in temperature could prevent the wax from doing its job.

Go for Damp Sponges and Wet Cloths

When you have little time, and to clean your car, it is common that you have used dry cloths to remove dirt; however, this practice will harm the surface of the vehicle in the long run. It’s better to rely on sponges since dry cloths can scratch the vehicle or its paint. If you do not have much time to wash it and you see that your car is full of dust, it is recommended to use wet cloths.

Waxing Should be Done 2 to 4 times a Year

There's a myth that paint will wear out, but what is true is that after a month and a half or two since the car was waxed, the wax will begin to lose its protective qualities. So, according to the course of this process, you’ll need to wax it again.

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The paint will wear out over time, therefore, applying a good polish will eliminate scratches and revive the colors of your car. This is a job that must be done with great care, since a misuse of this technique can affect your vehicle. If you’re not comfortable doing this, it’s recommended to leave this job for professionals and thus avoid any damage.


If you are looking to enhance the colors of your car and give it that “brand new” glow, then you can’t stop applying wax. When you apply it, you are creating an artificial layer that protects the paint from moisture and dust. You can apply it once a month and you will see how your car remains in excellent condition. Try to choose waxes that contain Teflon, a waterproof material that provides extra protection to the paint.

Do Not Use the Same Cloth to Dry and Wax

Order your cloth and rags. Never use the same towel to dry and then to wax. It’s advised to use microfiber cloths and towels, which are much softer with paint. Forget about household cotton towels or kitchen sponges. When it comes to your vehicle, resort to microfiber cloths only. Also, if your car is very dirty, try to rinse it with plenty of water before starting to use soap or shampoo.

Cover Your Car with a Special Tarp

To keep your car clean, you can always cover it with a special tarp. Yes, it can be a bit tiresome to put on and take it off every day, but doing so will protect your car’s paint from dust, streaks, and birds’ droppings.

Taking Care of the Environment

It is important that when you wash your car, you also care about the environment. Do not use more than two buckets of water when washing the car, and if possible, do this with recycled water. It is also important that you avoid using paper towels for this activity. As previously mentioned, rely on a cloth or sponge to save on water. The next time you wash your car, it won't be necessary to spend your entire Sunday to leave it shining like a mirror.

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