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One of the most common dilemmas when doing an oil change in a car is whether you choose one that is mineral-based or a synthetic lubricant. In this quick guide by D&M Marketing is focused on the pros of synthetic oil.

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Don't Underestimate Your Vehicle

Drivers often take for granted the information they claim to know about their vehicle just by knowing its brand and model. It even seems unnecessary to get to know the car if it responds to your needs, allows you to move around as you usually do, and as long as you avoid potential breakdowns that involve taking it to the workshop. But waiting for a breakdown or any other mechanical problem to happen it's not the best method for you to get to know your car. Thus you should know that neglecting one of its main helpers, such as lubricating oil, won't help you extend the vehicle's life. Lube consists of a fluid designed to prevent the wear of the mechanical components of your engine, through the combination of substances (essential and additives) that assist the engine with the following tasks:
  • Clean residues and impurities generated.
  • Reduce the accumulation of dirt, neutralize acids, and corrosive substances derived from the degradation of the lubricant due to the gradual decrease of its properties thanks to factors such as heat, oxygen, metallic wear particles, and contaminants.
  • Cold engine fluidity for easy starting in low temperatures.
Now, it's important to know the types of lubricating oils that the market has to offer, which are divided into mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils.

Mineral Oils Are Products Made with Base Oils Derived from Petroleum and Additives Whose Main Functions Are:

  • Improve the properties of the basic.
  • Expose new features.
  • Protect metal surfaces.
  • Avoid lubricant degradation.

Synthetics Are Designed in a Lab

On the other hand, the raw material of synthetic oils is elaborated and designed in specialized laboratories, where a rearrangement of the molecular structures of the components of the raw material is done and complemented with a package of additives developed to offer optimal performance and protection.

The, Arguably, Best of Both Worlds

Finally, semi-synthetic oils are a mixture between synthetic base oils and mineral oil, reinforced with additives to bestow the properties indicated above.

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Synthetics Will Last Longer Than Other Lubricants

This can be attributed to their high oxidation stability. This way, less time is spent in oil top-offs, while their resistance to oxidation reduces the risks of producing harmful deposits in its components; that means fewer unscheduled shutdowns and cleaner equipment; an added bonus that will take care of the car's motor in the long-run.


One of the most important physical properties in a lubricant is its viscosity, and it is defined as the internal resistance of the oil to flow at a certain temperature, which in colloquial terms could be summed up as “how thin or thick a lubricant is”.

Synthetic Oils are a Greener Option

Since their residues are less polluting, choosing synthetic motor oils over conventional ones is a green alternative. Considering they are designed to reduce carbon emissions and there are no impurities in the formula, AMSOIL’s synthetic oils exceed the mineral-based formulas while reducing toxic discharges.

Their Formula Has a Higher Resistance against Temperature Changes

Unlike mineral oil, where the molecular structure is made up of several shapes and dimensions, in synthetic formulas, the molecules are relatively uniform and less heat and friction are produced when they move against each other. This leads to a lower, but optimal, operating temperature. Manufactured oils are free of waxes, an element that can thicken and harden at low temperatures. Due to this advantage, synthetics flow effortlessly at any temperature, preserving the engine’s segments and saving time when starting the vehicle by heating it up quicker.

The Advantages of Synthetic Oils over Minerals Are:

  • Longer engine life.
  • More stable viscosity at extreme temperatures.
  • Better control of contaminants.
  • They reduce fuel consumption.
Now that you know the basics of synthetic oils, you have a better understanding of what might suit your vehicle better!

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