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Cold and adverse weather conditions are no excuse to stop riding a motorcycle. Keep reading these suggestions by D&M Marketing, LCC in Covington, and ride your bike even when the thermometer drops.

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  It may seem that winter is not the best time of year to travel by motorcycle, but for some people, neither the cold nor the bad weather conditions are a hurdle to continue riding and go on a short weekend outing. Of course, when making a trip during the coldest months of the year, a series of outlooks must be taken into account, ranging from the rider's equipment to the motorcycle maintenance and the road's condition. These are the key points to keep in mind:

More and Better Equipment

If you are already well equipped throughout the year, try to go the extra mile during winter. However, it's always better to avoid wearing clothing that limits your mobility and makes you feel uncomfortable. When it comes to dressing for a motorcycle in winter, it's best to do it in layers, as if you were going skiing. Opt for:
  • Choose thermal clothing such as T-shirts, turtle necks, pants, socks, mid-layers, or fleece.
  • Top it off with a winter jacket.
  • The latter should have removable inner lining protections, with a waterproof membrane if it has a reflective element, even better.
  • Don't forget winter gloves and boots and choose both with a waterproof layer.
  • A tubular to keep your neck warm, in addition to the rain suit in case it pours.

Some Warnings against the Cold

Cold weather is like water, and water always finds a way to sneak in. In this scenario, catch these tricks to make traveling by motorcycle in winter safer and much more comfortable.

Wear a Helmet

First of all, the helmet has to be worn with an internal screen that prevents mist from forming, also known as a pin lock. Another detail is to employ single-use heating pads, both for hands and feet. If possible, wear a raincoat or water suit, boots, and gloves to prevent your limbs from getting wet in the rain. It would be best to stop the vehicle as soon as it starts to rain to protect yourself. The water suit will keep you from getting wet and cold, but if you feel your hands getting chilly, you can stabilize their temperature by carefully approaching them to the engine or, if you have time, stopping at a gas station to wet them with warm water. If it's freezing, a trick that never fails is to put on the first layer of plastic gloves before wearing your gloves to ride.

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This Winter Will Be Taxing for Your Motorcycle

This temperature change will put the bike to the test, and it's the moment where your bike needs maintenance the most. Thus, you should pay more attention to details such as tire wear and the state of its tread since it's in charge of evacuating water. Besides, you'll have to be warier of the tire's pressure and monitor the battery, which tends to suffer more in the cold. Although it seems repetitive, you must verify the lights' correct operation and the front's orientation to take advantage of the full beam of light.

Driving on Snow

On cold asphalt, the motorbike doesn't have the same grip, so you have to ride carefully, change gears, and accelerate smoothly. Currently, motorcycles have electronic driving aids with traction control, ABS, and driving modes to adapt the engine's response and other parameters to each situation. Still, prudence is vital because road grip conditions can change, and moisture, or even ice, may be encountered in shady curves. Despite having ABS, it's recommended to use the rear brake more if you experience a lack of grip; or if you're riding on a slippery surface.

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