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Spring means one common thing around the country, it’s time for a spring clean. And while this is a great opportunity to bring new life into your home, have you ever considered giving the same treatment to your car?

Throughout the year you will regularly clean your home and keep it tidy. However, regular housework just isn’t enough to keep the clutter, mess, and accumulation of personal items from filling up your spaces and surfaces. This is where a spring clean comes in.

Don’t Forget Your Car

Just like your house accumulates mess and needs an annual clean, so too does your car require the same level of attention and treatment. D&M Marketing, LLC knows the importance of keeping your car in good shape and has the following car-spring-cleaning tips to share.


The first place to start is with your battery. Simply because, if you leave our car in a parking lot or at work and your battery stops working, your car won’t start when you return. Inspecting the battery is as simple as opening the hood of your car and simply looking at your battery and its condition. If you can see any build-up or debris, safely wipe it away with a clean dry cloth. If you can see corrosion or a leak, or you can tell that your battery is on its last legs, replace it.

Air Filter

While you may know that you have an air filter which your mechanic replaces, you may not know that you can replace it without the need to take your vehicle to a mechanic? Check out an online tutorial or consult your owners manual for instructions to replace your particular air filter effectively. This is not only a great way to reduce your maintenance costs, but it can also improve your engine performance.

Fluid Levels and Quality

You could have the most advanced engine available, and it still wouldn’t operate without a range of fluids and oils. With this in your mind, make a list of the fluids and oils your engine uses and check them all.
  • If you have topped up during the year, take the time to flush out your fluids and replace them.
  • Clean the fluid containers if accessible.
  • Check the condition of the fluid lines.
  • If you spill any oil, clean it up before you move on to the next task.
  • Make sure you are using high-quality products.
  • Store the remaining fluid upright in your trunk or car storage area.
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Despite being an integral part of your vehicle, your wheels and tires don’t often get the attention they deserve, from motorists. For this reason, make sure you spend some time on them this spring clean, considering these points:
  • Don’t rush the task.
  • Inspect your wheels and tires outside in the bright sunlight to get a better look.
  • Look for cracks, lodged debris, or patches on your tire where there is no more tread.
  • Clean away any dirt or build up from your wheels and tires.
  • Adjust the tire pressure accordingly.
  • Check on the condition of your brakes while you are down there.

Vehicle Interior

It’s equally as important that the interior of your vehicle also gets attention because, just like your home, it can accumulate a lot of junk throughout the year. Remember that this task only really gets completed once in a year, so be sure to perform a thorough job.
  • The first step is to remove absolutely everything from your vehicle, including personal items, trash, and anything else in the storage spaces.
  • Use the attachments which came with your vacuum cleaner to reach more spaces, such as where our pedals are situated and underneath your seats.
  • Wash the carpet of your trunk.
  • Remove your car seats and wash them separately. Before putting them back on, be sure they are completely dry.
  • Use a very damp cloth to wipe away dirt and grime from rubber seals.

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