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When classifying oils, there are many factors involved and one of the most defining characteristics is the base used in its creation. This post by D&M Marketing, LLC sheds light on the subject. Read on and learn which one is suitable for your bike.

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Oil Is an Essential Agent When It Comes to the Lubrication of Any Modern Vehicle

And it's an element you shouldn't overlook. It shields the engine from heat, filth, and fatigue. A great lube reduces these problems and wear caused by friction of the engine’s metallic parts. Plus, to guarantee better performance, cleanser properties are combined with modern formulas to get rid of dust, carbon residues, metal debris, and other pollutants depositing inside the engine. You must choose a motor oil to care for the needs of your two-wheeler if you want to get the most out of these properties. So, what kind of oil should you go for? synthetics or mineral-based oils? every biker has to make this choice at some point so, buckle-up and scroll down to see which one favors your bike.

Mineral Oil Comes Directly from the Distillation of Crude Petroleum

It's also known as conventional oil and in its raw form, this material is full of base oils.  Factories begin the distillment process using heat to divide their base oils into different products, varying from tar to other liquefied oil byproducts, such as diesel, propane, gasoline, jet fuel, etc. Synthetic oil for any other vehicle is originated at the midpoint where tar and diesel are obtained, that's the reason behind its greasy texture and lubrication traits.

What No One Tells You About Traditional Oils

The price of mineral oils attract the majority of bikers; their fabrication is less costly and creates other products extracted from crude oil. Though, a disadvantage in conventional oils is a fairly flat formula, lacking in additives and protective elements due to the minimal refinery. It's also stipulated that traditional oils have a more reliable performance on classic engines or vintage motorcycles, this is somewhat misleading because there wasn’t much research or improvements being done at the time these classic models were put on the market. That's why mineral oil was the only lube available to keep engines in shape.

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If It's Not Meant for Your Bike, It's Not Worth the Hassle

Even if it’s affordable, the maintenance for two-wheelers that use conventional oil tends to be more intermittent than the upkeep required for engines lubed with synthetics; so much that for every synthetic oil change, you’d make two or almost three changes of conventional oil. So, try to see this switch as a way to save money and improve your bike’s performance.

Unlike Mineral Oils, Synthetics Aren’t Distilled

Through the distillation process of crude oil, its particles are diminished to the core by involving different chemical reactions and in the end, synthetics come from a base oil that has been cleared and freed from harmful particles; which has no comparison between the process of conventional oil. Using synthetics will help you reduce the number of visits to the repair shop, an offset that outweighs the price of synthetics; but don't forget to check the oil level often to restore potential losses while using the bike.

Synthetic Oil Remains an Unbeatable Choice

Partially because this oil gives endurance and provides additives that can’t be found in mineral formulas. Use conventional oil if your bike requires it for its type of motor, or age purposes, but try to remember the advantages and drawbacks stated above before you make up your mind. If the price of synthetic oil appears to be a determining factor for you, truth is that the cost difference between conventional and synthetic alternatives is insignificant, all inconveniences concerning pricing will disappear once you recognize the advantages, such as fewer breakdowns and overall enhancements in performance.

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