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Although electric cars keep gaining popularity among drivers, there are still some skeptical people questioning their operation. To clarify things up, D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington delves into their vehicle maintenance.

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How Are Electric Cars Maintained?

A few years ago, people got used to the vibrations and noises of internal combustion while preparing the car to hit the road. This seems ordinary for most drivers but, don't be shocked if people in the future get used to the slight hum that electric cars make when moving on the pavement. This post by D&M Marketing, LLC focuses on the fundamentals behind the operation of electric vehicles to help readers understand the technology that keeps them moving.

Electric cars are good, but their maintenance is quite expensive, so if you're planning to stick to your gas-powered car, give it exceptional vehicle maintenance. Know you can rely on AMSOIL’s Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil to fulfill your vehicle’s needs and regulate its temperature in extreme heat conditions.

Getting to Know Electric Cars

Regardless of the method of propulsion that powers a car, keep in mind, you're dealing with an energy conversion system, and it's responsible for converting potential energy, that is, stored energy, into kinetics or even movement. In an internal combustion car, the stored energy is the fuel, and it requires a chemical reaction to generate the change in the form of power. In electric cars, the change happens electrochemically: without combustion, the electrons slowly release their storage from the batteries. There's no spark, no polluting emissions, and the car doesn't produce any environmental damage.

Maintaining the Power Plant in an Electric Vehicle

Electric motors are more manageable in terms of their components. You should know these don't require as many moving parts as a gasoline or diesel engine. Because there's no fire involved in its operation, the temperature is not that high, however many electric cars have cooling systems, and in some cases, they also use antifreeze. Inside the power plant of an electric car, there are also moving parts that you shouldn't neglect, lubricate them often to protect them from experiencing excessive wear. Oiling these components reduces the friction between the metallic parts, keeps the temperature under control, and prevents excessive wear. Electric motors are typically lubricated using mechanical greases, such as constant velocity joints or high-pressure greases.

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Maintenance of the Rest of the Systems

As for the rest of the systems, such as
  • the hydraulic steering
  • the suspension
  • the brakes
  • the tires, and the rest of the components
There's not much of a difference; only the force that drives them is different. For this reason, they must be maintained in the same way that the components of a car powered by gasoline or diesel are maintained. Television host Jay Leno, and well-known car collector, said during an interview: “We should consider buying an electric car, even if we don't like them. In this way, there'll still be gasoline to go out and play with our gasoline engine toys for many more years ”.

Brake Pads and Discs

Special mention should be made of the brake pads and discs. Even though it's an element subject to wear in both technologies, the regenerative braking in electric cars makes it possible to delay wear. This is especially noticeable in big cities, where regenerative braking saves energy and dramatically reduces mechanical brake use, postponing the need to change brake pads and discs. Currently, electric car drivers keep using the original brake pads after more than 186,000 miles traveled.

In Short,

When you talk about an electric car, you are talking about a vehicle that uses a simpler traction system and components that have been widely used industrially. Therefore, it's easier to foresee that if its use is correct, the maintenance of an electric car will also be less demanding.

If you want to know more about cars, trucks, tractors, or boats, regardless of the type of fuel they use, click here or dial (770) 312-7542 to get in contact with D&M Marketing, LLC. Their experts will be happy to advise you on the best ways to maintain it by using oil and additives for your vehicle.


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