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With summer days comes increasing sun damage, hence the need to take extra care of your car's paint. Keep reading this article by D&M Marketing, LLC in Covington to learn the proper ways to avoid wear on the vehicle's surface.

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Keep it Shiny for Longer and Get Rid of Dust

For this step, it's recommended to do a traditional wash at least twice a month. It's not only about "presenting a good image," but it also helps keep your car in good condition. Also, the body is exposed to a variety of pollutants, from simple dust to acids in the environment. Even bird droppings can become corrosive so, washing your car at least once a week will be more than enough. Furthermore, if you cannot wash your automobile due to lack of time, you can always leave it in a washing center to get a good result and the best possible care for your vehicle.

Waxing and Polishing Adds Additional Shine to the Paint

The paint will wear out over time. Therefore, using a good polish will get rid of scratches and improve the colors of your car. This procedure must be performed correctly since a misapplication can affect your vehicle. If you're not comfortable doing this, it's suggested to leave this job for the professionals and avoid any potential damage. However, you must know that some waxes on the market can provide an added layer to shield the surface from the sun's effects, an added perk if you only wish to intensify your car's colors and give it that "brand new." Also, when applied correctly, this product creates an artificial coat that protects the paint from moisture and dust. You can use it once a month, and you will see how your car remains in excellent condition. Try to choose waxes that include Teflon among their ingredients; This chemical compound is waterproof and grants extra protection to the paint.

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Try to Park Under the Shade as Much as Possible

The sun, particularly the sun's UV rays, are remarkably harmful to any surface, and these rays can produce chemical responses in the paint that will wear it down sooner than you'd expect. Also, the sun can begin to damage the car's body structure, and it would be best to pay attention and see if pieces of the paint have already peeled off from your vehicle. Then, finding a professional to fix this problem could be extremely expensive to repair over time.

Avoid Pasting Stickers to the Car's Surface

More often than not, the stamps' adhesive contains corrosive ingredients that are harmful to the paint, and you could be damaging the car's body without realizing it. If you feel like decorating your vehicle, you can put your spin on it by placing decals and stickers in the rear window corners; bear in mind you must paste them far enough from the painted surfaces.

Beware of Any Dents and Scratches

Scratches can endanger the second layer of the bodywork, and paint is also a protective layer, even if they're insignificant. The bodywork can begin to experience oxidation or wear if this part is shown, though it all depends on its construction. For example, a cavity and how it spreads; well, it has the same effect, and you'll realize that something that looked like a simple scratch can end in extensive damage.

When it Comes to Washing, Avoid Using Dry Cloths

People tend to rely on dry cloths to remove dirt; however, this method is damaging, making tiny marks on the paint. If you do not have much time to wash it and see that your car is full of dust, it is recommended to use wet cloths.

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