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New Synthetic DCT Fluid rounds out AMSOIL Tranmission fluid family

The concept of two transmissions working in tandem within one vehicle dates back to the 1930s. The dual-clutch transmission (DCT) made its first practical appearance decades later in several 1980s-era race cars. In 2003, Volkswagen's Golf*, Mk4 R32 was the first production vehicle to feature the technology. Today the spectrum of vehicles with DCTs has widenedto include vehicles made by BMW*, Chrysler*, Ferrari*, Ford*, Mercedes*, Mitsubishi*, Nissan*, Porache* and more.

Automatic and Dual-Clutch Transmissions

Automatic transmissions have a defined set of gears that engage based on vehicle speed. The correct gear is selectedas the vehicle accelerates and decelerates. DCTs are automatic transmissions based on the architecture of manual transmissions. They consist of two manual gearboxes in the same housing. Most rely on computer-controlled, wetmulti-plate clutches and do not require torque converters. DCTs provide more efficient shifts than traditional automaticsbecause as one clutch engages, the other readies the next gear. Properly maintained and lubricated, the system delivers smooth, split-second shifts, the perfect complement to a powerful, high-performance engine.

While DCTs are capable of seamless shifts, they can suffer from shudder or lurching at slow speeds. Transmission fluid with specific frictional properties is required to prevent shudder. DCT fluid must also maintain the proper viscosity toprovide protection during the high-heat operation native to high-performance sports sedans and supercars.

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic DCT Fluid

AMSOIL 100% Synthetic DCT Fluid is specifically engineered for sophisticated dual-clutch transmissions. Its superior frictional properties protect against shudder and gear clashing to consistently produce fast, smooth shifts. AMSOIL Synthetic DCT Fluid's exceptional durability provides stability in stop-and-go traffic and excels under intense, high-heatconditions. Its built-in oxidation resistance helps prevent sludge formation in vital transmission parts.

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