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How to Reduce Engine Wear

Engine wear is inevitable. But you can take steps to reduce wear and maximize the life and performance of your engine.Wear occurs in four primary ways.

Abrasive wear starts with particles that originate as contaminants from outside the engine, such as dirt or soot. These contaminants are ingested through the air intake and circulate throughout the engine, grinding and scouring metal components. Most abrasive wear can be eliminated with high-quality air and oil filters.

Corrosive wear, sometimes referred to as chemical wear, results from chemical attack on a metal surface, such as the cylinder wall. Chemical corrosion is especially problematic in vehicles used sporadically or seasonally, such as motorcycles.

Adhesive wear is a result of metal-to-metal contact under high loads, speed or temperatures. Although the metal surfaces in your engine appear smooth to the naked eye, they contain microscopic high spots, called asperities. As asperities slide against each other, they can bond, causing the two surfaces to adhere. As they pull apart, surface imperfections result that accumulate over time and can lead to failures, such as seizure.

Fatigue wear occurs when regular stress on a lubricated surface causes fractures over time. Fatigue wear occurs predominantly in rolling-element bearings.

Using high-quality air and oil filters is critical to reducing engine wear. Air filters help prevent abrasive contaminants from entering your engine, while a good oil filter will trap particles before they can circulate through the engine and cause wear. AMSOIL offers Wix and MANN-FILTER air filters, which feature high-quality media that provide superior filtration. AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are made from synthetic media, which traps and holds a higher percentage of the small, wear-causing particles conventional filters miss for maximum engine protection.

The motor oil you choose is just as important. Modern engines run hotter and under higher pressures, increasing the likelihood of wear. Some oils may not be up to the challenge of providing the required level of protection. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are formulated with resilient base stocks and performance additives that withstand heat and stress better than conventional oils. To demonstrate, AMSOIL Signature Series  5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil was compared to nine leading synthetic oils in the Four Ball Wear Test. It delivered excellent wear protection and revealed itself to be the top-performing oil in the test, helping you get the most out of your vehicles. 

Note: These test results describe and represent properties of oils that were acquired November-December 2012. Results do not apply to any subsequent reformulations of such oils or to new oils introduced after completion of testing. All oils were available to consumers at the time of purchase. Testing was completed February 2013 by an independent, third-party lab. Formulations were coded to eliminate bias, and samples were tested in random order. An appropriate number of trials of each oil were run to produce results at the 95 percent confidence level when compared to AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil.
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