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A California manufacturer installs only AMSOIL synthetic greases in its Diamond Series specialty parts.

Rare Parts Inc. of Stockton, Calif. was the vision of Lyle Burgess, who began operating a wheel alignment service in 1957. He realized the steering and suspension parts he needed were hard to get and the industry lacked a steering and suspension part manufacturer that offered complete coverage. Parts were becoming obsolete. In 1981, Burgess founded Rare Parts.

Much like the story of AMSOIL INC., an ever-expanding company born from the vision of its founder A.J. Amatuzio, Rare Parts Inc. has flourished and grown over time. Today, Danny Burgess, a machinist who grew up in the business alongside his father, is president of the company.

Rare Parts is committed to providing American-made parts and designs and manufactures obsolete and current parts for virtually any application. The company offers complete coverage for any vehicle make, model or year.

"We offer products from the late 1920s to present, and if we do not have it we will build it," Danny Burgess said. "We build our own inventory and custom projects from the classic street rod enthusiast to custom fabricated agricultural harvester parts."

The Diamond Series line is manufactured to exceed original equipment manufacturer and other aftermarket product specifications. Examples are larger forgings for increased strength, improved internal designs, better wear characteristics, greaseable parts, tighter machining tolerances, proper heat treatment of ball studs and mating components and other changes in key areas, according to Burgess. Every Diamond Series part is designed, tested and inspected in the Rare Parts Inc. facility before it leaves the warehouse.

"We only produce high-quality steering and suspension parts here in the USA and we wanted to pair them with a well-known high-quality grease that also is made in the USA," Burgess said. "Since being registered as a retail-on-the-shelf account by our servicing Dealer, we have been using AMSOIL grease exclusively for about six to eight months. We also run AMSOIL products in our manufacturing equipment. 

"Our experience with AMSOIL grease is that it holds up very well at high temperatures and reduces friction (turning torque) in some of our ball joints and idler arms. Reduced turning torque reduces steering effort and increases the life of the parts."

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